Ingrained Technology was formed in 2014 to help organizations with the newest wave of technology changes. From DevOps to Cloud, the pace of technological change is growing once again. Our experts can help manage the change, or can hop into the trenches and help effect it directly.

From our first contracts in continuous integration to our full-on C++ development contracts, we have strived to help our clients meet their business needs in the manner that they most need. Out customers end up satisfied, and we take pride in a job well done.

About our Founder

Don.Headshot.2012Don MacVittie is an IT generalist with more than 20 years of experience in just about every facet of IT. From intern developer at a telecom to CIO at a GIS software company, from editor at Network Computing to Product Management Engineer at a major networking company. Don has written a book on object oriented programming, dozens of articles on a variety of topics in storage, security, and application development, has authored an ANSI/ISO standard, and is listed as inventor on patents in networking. He holds a Bachelor of Science (computer science) from Northern Michigan University and a Master of Science (computer science) from Nova Southeastern University.

Don’s drive shapes the company, pushing Ingrained Technology to be an asset to our corporate clients by meeting their needs, at whatever level they occur.

About our partners

Ingrained Technology has a few select partners we have determined are experts in their chosen area of specialization. From cloud to security, should the need arise, we have the partners to bring in that extra help.

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