Whether you just need to extend your development team for a few weeks, or are looking for a trusted advisor to guide you through implementation of newer technologies, our staff can help. We offer the following programs to help your organization achieve its goals.

Assessment Services

We’ve seen a lot of new technology implementations, from virtualization to cloud, and from continuous integration to full-on DevOps. We know what the pitfalls are and we can assess your current state, drawing a roadmap to get to the desired state that includes considerations unique to the organization.

Contract implementation

If your organization already has a plan for implementation of new technologies, our contract staff can offer team expansion on an hourly basis. With experience in the cloud, with cutting edge development methodologies, and with devops, our expertise can speed deployment or help bring staff up to speed.

Guided Strategy

As a Guided Strategy customer, our staff will spend a significant amount of up-front time looking at your business goals, your information architecture, and current IT Strategy. We then write up customized, actionable roadmap documents showing the strengths and weaknesses of suggested roadmap items.

But it doesn’t end there. After we present our findings, we are available to do research and bounce ideas off of.

With experience in financials, telecom, non-profits, utilities, cell phone development, and high tech, we have the technical background, and bring management, writing, and product review experience to the table to round out our capabilities.

This service is billed quarterly, and commitments are tailored to the customer’s needs at the time the contract is written.

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