Our Process

Our first step is to get to know the customer and their needs/vision. Next we immerse ourselves in the relevant product or service. For those without a clear vision on what is needed for content, we then help develop a content plan. Finally, we generate the content, be it small and light or extensive and highly technical.

In all of this, our primary concern is that the customer is satisfied. The vast majority of our clients expand contracts or sign new ones, and we believe it is because our end goal is always the needs of the customer.

Our Story

In 2014, our founder created Ingrained Technology primarily as a custom coding shop. Our background in Dev, DevOps, and large systems integration being well suited to this position. With a background in tech publishing, a secondary market was writing.

Over time, it became clear that analysis and technical marketing/writing had a greater need than custom development, and the tough decision was made to move the company in that direction in 2016.

Dedicating our resources to serving analysis and technical writing has proven to be a wise choice. Through our labs we stay hands-on, but our primary focus is staying abreast of the marketplace in such diverse topics as storage, development, cloud, DevOps, and networking so that we may offer insights that will help.

Meet the Founder

Don MacVittie has decades of experience in software development, management, operations, and DevOps. He has also been a writer and editor for international tech publications, and has been published in literally dozens of technical publications.


Don MacVittie


Aside from working with every technology he can lay his hands on, Don is also a table top gaming enthusiast.