Containers, or Container Management?

Not all containers are the same.

We just came off of a review of a product that handles both containers and virtual machines in the same interface. Under the covers, implementation of containers defaults to LXC, though recently Docker support was added.

When reading online, or searching for information, increasingly we see “Container Management” products listed as competitors to Docker, when in reality things like RocketLXC/LXD, and Virtualization are Dockers competitors.

After doing some looking around, we have decided that this shift in how Docker is perceived in the market is due largely to the fact that it is easy to set up and begin using. Inevitably, if the Docker install is large enough, something like Docker Enterprise Edition, Kubernetes, Apache Mesos/DCOS will be required to container management, but for the entry level, “container management” has less stringent requirements.

So if you see comparisons of Docker to Kubernetes, just note that they’re comparing an entry level (though admittedly thorough) Container Runtime Environment to a full-blown Container Management environment. Which is good for entry level Docker, but likely not great for the future of Docker Enterprise Edition.

So if what you’re really looking for is an alternative container runtime engine, all the comparisons of container management systems are not terribly useful to you. Use caution and make sure you are looking at comparisons of what you need.

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