Questions we hear quite frequently, and the quick answers. Feel free to contact us for more information, or if your question isn't answered here.

How Do We Get Our Product Into One of Your Public Reviews?

Suggest it to us. It really is that simple. Our public reviews are hands-on exercises in looking at the usefulness of a broad range of products/markets. We can’t consider reviewing a product that we don’t know about, so send us information – vendor, contact, website, specific product name, market product is sold into.
We don’t guarantee we will review it, an internal group makes those decisions, but the chances are better if we know it exists.

Do You Perform for-pay Reviews?

For internal use as part of our analysis program, we do. The purpose of these reviews is to help a vendor identify and/or rate gaps in their product and map those gaps to the roadmap. We do not allow this type of review to be made public, it is for marketing and product development to understand how best to position the product and how the product compares to competition. While our clients in this space are aware of how a product compares to their competition, an outside perspective helps them expose opportunities and rate the value of these opportunities.

What Kind of Technology Do You Write About?

We specialize in B2B Computer Technology. Our team has decades of experience both using and analyzing in this space. So if you have a B2C product, we are happy to talk, but likely we will refer you to someone more focused in the B2C space.

What Kind of Content Do You Generate?

We write technical and technical marketing content. Combined with our analysis services, these lines cover much of what needs to be generated at a technical B2B company. Content we have delivered ranges from 300 word blog posts to 30,000 word technical training. Our labs produce detailed technical reviews of products with testing and hands-on analysis of capabilities/shortcomings. These vary in size from 10,000 words to 50,000 words. We can help you determine what you need, then help develop the content, or you can contract with us just to generate the content off of your content plan.

You Say Technical Marketing, So You Do Marketing Materials?

In short, no. We can help your marketing programs by developing the important technical materials that go with it, but if you hope to get glossy brochures and detailed campaign plans, we can hook you up with some of the great marketing firms we’ve worked with over the years.

What are Your Rates?

Since we are in several different markets, the answer to that question depends upon your needs as an organization. We charge by the piece for most things, but in-depth market and technology analysis is sometimes billed on time and materials, with an estimate to start. The best way to get a solid, useful answer to this question is to visit our contacts page and drop us an introductory email.